The Competition
The magnetic immunochemistry bead method is shown to
fail in what may turn out to be a very important portion of
the population. (1)(2) On the other hand Canopus’s technology
not only enables the capture of these types of CTCs but can
also facilitate the analysis of the RNA.
Magnetic Bead Technology doesn’t always
work and may not be suitable for many
Theranostic uses!
(1) Sabine Riethdorf, Herbert Fritsche, Volkmar Müller, Thomas Rau , Detection
of Circulating Tumor Cells in Peripheral Blood of Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer:
A Validation Study of the CellSearch System , Clinical Cancer Research 13, 920,
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(2) Nick Mulcahi , Prognostic Test for Breast Cancer Misses Tumor Subtype , Medscape
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